Jimmy Haslam makes promise to Browns fans, has high expectations for 2023

Jimmy Haslam would not give details, but has high expectations for the Cleveland Browns this season and beyond.

Miami Dolphins v Cleveland Browns
Miami Dolphins v Cleveland Browns / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

Jimmy and Dee Haslam gave the annual State of the Cleveland Browns press conference on Monday at training camp.

Jimmy Haslam stated, "Everybody that works for the Browns here has high expectations today."

Haslam wants/expects to win this season. While he won't give a Mendoza line now, he did mention the playoffs as the expectation previously. If the Browns falter to meet those expectations, no matter what he thinks of Andrew Berry or how easy it was to bring Kevin Stefanski back, the Browns will be in flux again.

The goal is clear, get to the playoffs and compete for a Super Bowl. Nothing else should be acceptable after all the moves made over the last two off-seasons. 

Haslam makes promise amid stadium rumors

While the Haslams may want to build a new stadium, they have committed to refurbishing the old one. The Haslams also promised that even amid all the stadium talk, Northeast Ohio is the home of the Cleveland Browns, and they are not leaving.

Dee Haslem pointed to lakefront development and the creation of the landbridge connecting to downtown as a must to keep the stadium where it is. While there are some questions if this will get done, there is a want to get something done by the city

The Haslams have hinted with these comments that a new stadium would be preferential to the renovated old stadium, but that development is the goal to keep them in Cleveland.

It's also time for the payoff of their patience with the Berry/Stefanski era. The Browns have "high expectations" in every part of the business, and it starts with the 2023 season.

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