3 Cleveland Browns on the chopping block following offensive changes

With a new offensive coordinator joining the Cleveland Browns soon, you can likely expect these changes on offense.

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At this point, we don’t have a great sense of who the Cleveland Browns will bring in to be the offensive coordinator for the 2024 season, but there's no doubt they are making changes to get the most out of Deshaun Watson. It’s really difficult to call the Watson trade a bad deal just yet, but there's no doubt it hasn’t lived up to expectations. 

The suspension in 2022 and season ending should injury in 2023 have never allowed him to get in any type of rhythm. It’s never easy to see a good portion of the staff lose their job, but now that the dust has settled it feels like the right move. I see Kevin Stefanski bringing in a rising star offensive coordinator with a clear path to give up play-calling. 

A change at coordinator and change in philosophy on offense can change the skillset required in certain players as well. With these changes, you could see these three offensive players on the chopping block.

Cleveland Browns Player No. 3 – Harrison Bryant

With Harrison Bryant being a free agent this offseason and the offensive coordinator change, I don’t see a scenario where Bryant makes it to the 2024 season on this roster. In four seasons with the Browns Bryant has accumulated 791 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns. Just enough production to not get cut, but nothing near enough to keep him around for another contract.

Bryant isn’t athletic enough to be an effective tight end in heavy passing system, and he’s just small enough that his inline blocking is also a major struggle, especially in short-yardage situations. The new offense will likely be spread-based and need a productive tight end catching the football, or a massive body to bring in on short yardage plays. I don’t necessarily think Bryant was a bad pick by Andrew Berry, but the need for his presence has certainly passed.