3 Cleveland Browns on the chopping block after Jeudy Trade

The Browns aren't done making moves just yet

Greg Newsome II, Cleveland Browns
Greg Newsome II, Cleveland Browns / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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No. 2: David Bell

While we have seen Berry pull off a few spectacular trades in his tenure with the Browns, one of his biggest weaknesses has been drafting wide receivers. Woods, Anthony Schwartz, David Bell, and potentially Cedric Tillman all come to mind as guys who didn’t pan out. Schwartz, Bell, and Tillman were all taken in the third round which makes this all a little bit more disappointing.

With last year it's clear that Tillman was the third receiver behind Cooper and Elijah Moore, I would say Bell will also be released from this roster. While Bell had an electric college career, he just doesn’t have the speed or quickness to make it in the NFL.

Cooper, Jeudy, and Moore will be the three receivers seeing the most playing time next season with Moore likely seeing a cut in playing time compared to last season. Tillman will step in as the rotational receiver who will hopefully improve in year two, but Berry has likely seen enough lack of development from Bell to let him go. 

With Woods and Bell likely both gone, I do think you’ll see Berry draft another wide receiver in 2024, but likely not until the later rounds just to see if he can get a steal who develops into a player. 

For 2024 the receiving room looks solid with the addition of Jeudy, but it’s worth noting that all three starters will be out of contract after this season which could leave a gaping hole next offseason.