3 Cleveland Browns fighting for their jobs after the Preseason opener

These three members of the Cleveland Browns are in danger of losing their jobs after the team's preseason win over the Jets

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
New York Jets v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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No. 1: Kellen Mond, QB

We knew coming into Thursday night's game that there was only room for one additional quarterback on the Cleveland Browns roster after Deshaun Watson and Joshua Dobbs. And even though it was likely a dead heat before the game, Kellen Mond leaves last night in a distant fourth place on the Cleveland Browns quarterback depth chart and will likely be looking for a new home.

Mond was 13-of-19 for 92 yards which is efficient, but he had a turnover and a sack which could have been big differences in the game. And even though Dorian Thompson-Robinson was only 8-of-11 for 82 yards and a touchdown, he just shined. 

Not only did the team play with more of a spark, the athleticism of DTR really jumped off the film and was a pleasant surprise.  His 36 rushing yards were truly a difference-maker in the game.

Mond just didn’t take advantage of his opportunity. He was too willing to dump the ball off and that eventually stalled the offense after a fantastic first drive (with a lot of screens). 

Being a former third-round pick, there is a good chance that Mond will at least end up on a practice squad in the league, but there is a very good chance at this point that it won’t be with the Browns. 

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