3 Cleveland Browns who can lock up a spot in final preseason game

Even though the starters may be solidified for the Cleveland Browns, these three players can earn their spot on Saturday.

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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1. Cleveland Brons WR Austin Watkins Jr.

For the last three weeks, all anyone is talking about for the Cleveland Browns is Austin Watkins.  While it’s a great change of scenery from Watson's discussion, fans also need to be careful to get their hopes up too high.

Remember, Watkins has bounced around the league on practice squads for two years.  It isn’t like he has not been given a chance before, so there is some reason to believe his insane production is a bit of a fluke.

Additionally, good money was spent on Marquise Goodwin and Jakeem Grant to make this roster, and a third-round pick was spent on David Bell. I personally am rooting for Watkins as much as anyone, but he needs to have another strong performance to make sure he makes this roster.  

His 15 catches for 245 yards and two touchdowns have been staggering through the first three preseason games, but they are exactly that, preseason. Watkins needs to find a way to make sure he gets a look at five to seven targets, and he needs to dazzle us once again with his after-the-catch ability. 

If the Browns keep only six receivers (which is very possible with their use of tight ends), it’s likely going to come down to Bell or Watkins making this roster depending on the health of Goodwin. I’m not saying Watkins shouldn’t win this battle, but Berry did draft Bell and will already be cutting another third-round draft pick in Anthony Schwartz. 

As well as Watkins has played, it shouldn’t be an issue for it to continue in week four, and he should earn that roster spot he has been chasing for three seasons in the NFL.

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