3 Cleveland Browns who still may disappoint during the 2023 season

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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The Cleveland Browns are officially in the home stretch of the 2023 offseason. Andrew Berry has continued to add talent to this roster with another strong free agency and a highly graded draft by most experts

As the team prepares to have their star quarterback for their first full season, expectations could not be higher for the organization. Kevin Stefanski led this team to its first playoff victory in two decades in 2020, but it has been disappointing the last two years.

While I continue to remain optimistic that this is finally the year, it’s difficult to forget a “loaded roster” the last two seasons consistently underperformed. Even with some of the great additions to this roster, these three Browns could still disappoint in 2023.

Cleveland Browns Disappointment No. 3 – David Njoku

There are plenty of folks who will argue that David Njoku hasn’t been a disappointment in his first six seasons with the team, but for a guy who signed a four-year, $57.75 million contract extension last offseason, the numbers just aren’t there.

Expectations are high that Njoku and Watson are just going to click, but we heard the same thing about Njoku and Baker Mayfield as well. While Njoku had a solid year in 2022, he still missed three games with injuries and only tallied 628 receiving yards- and four touchdowns.

Although he did have the catch of the year on the fourth-down touchdown that sealed the game, he still has some inconsistencies that have me struggling with his massive contract.

If Njoku finds a way to stay healthy and the offensive line protects Watson, life could be good for him. But what’s the saying? If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, everyone would have a Merry Christmas.