3 Cleveland Browns who stood out on defense against the Eagles

• Ohio State rookies making plays week after week

• Undrafted rookies trying to make teams regret passing on them

• A new LB has entered the chat

Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns
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After some joint practices this week, the Cleveland Browns faced off against the Philadelphia Eagles Thursday night.

There was a lot of excitement going into this preseason game after reports of the Browns looking dominant up front against the Eagles. Now fans would not get to see the starters play in Thursday's action, but some young rookies made it fun to watch.

Specifically these three rookies on defense.

3. Ronnie Hickman, Safety

There hasn't been a single defensive player this preseason who has stood out more than Ronnie Hickman. The undrafted rookie who fans are already naming "Ronnie Pick-man" for his great ball-hawking ability to get interceptions has been fun to watch.

Yet another Ohio State product that has shined for the Browns in the preseason, Hickman has caught three interceptions in his last five quarters of football. When you watch him play the breaks he makes on his interceptions to pick the ball are just mesmerizing.

The only thing that stood out more than his performance was when he left the game for an apparent injury. Something that you hate to see when he has been playing so well. In the second quarter, the rookie went to the medical tent.

After some time spent in there, he would head to the locker room and his day would be done. Reports came out that he was being evaluated for a concussion by the medical staff. This is also the only reason he is this low on the list.

However, with his knack for creating turnovers, Hickman continues to make a compelling argument to make the final 53-man roster. On a Browns defense that ranked 20th in total turnovers, a player with the nickname Pick-man seems like a must-have.