3 Cleveland Browns who could still be traded during the 2024 NFL Draft

The Browns could still look to free up cap space and add more capital
Greg Newsome II, Browns
Greg Newsome II, Browns / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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As we get closer to the draft and further away from free agency, it will be interesting to see if Andrew Berry and the Cleveland Browns are active in the trade market. While I don’t see the Browns looking to trade for additional players, they could look for a few draft assets.

Remember, the Browns were without a first and a second-round pick last year because of the Deshaun Watson and Elijah Moore trade and will be without a first and fifth-round pick in 2024 because of the Watson and Jerry Jeudy trade.

It’s all fun and games adding veterans with large salaries in the beginning, but to be a sustainable franchise there is no doubt that you must be able to draft. Berry has certainly had his wins as the Browns general manager, but there is no doubt that there have been some struggles in the draft process. 

Here are three Browns that could be moved around the draft in order for the Browns to try and collect draft assets. 

No. 3: Wyatt Teller, Guard

There's no doubt that there has been a changing of the guard on this Browns offense. Ken Dorsey was brought in along with Jeudy and Moore (last year) to open up this offense.

I know that Wyatt Teller is a fan favorite in the city, but his style of play no longer fits the offensive scheme. Teller is an elite run blocker who is athletic enough to pull and strong enough to bury people in the open field.

Unfortunately, his leverage in pass protection is terrible and he lacks a first punch. Teller far too often gets beat right at the snap of the ball and it caused a ton of pressure on Watson last season. 

Teller has two years left on his deal and the Browns could potentially save more than $20 million if they found a trade partner. The Browns would likely have to eat some of his contract but a team that wants to run the ball heavily could have a big interest in the talented guard.