3 Cleveland Browns who could still be traded during the 2024 NFL Draft

The Browns could still look to free up cap space and add more capital
Greg Newsome II, Browns
Greg Newsome II, Browns / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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No. 2: Amari Cooper, Wide Receiver

While the Cleveland Browns are certainly looking to change up their offense, it’s wild for me to see Berry pay two wide receivers such a high salary in the same year. When the Jeudy trade first hit I loved it, but after the extension I think it makes things difficult to keep Cooper long-term.

Many thought Cooper would be subject to a restructuring to bring down his $23.7 million cap hit, but now I wonder if the team wouldn’t be interested in dealing him closer to the draft. His value would likely be low with only one year on his deal, but the Browns could save $20 million in cap space which would allow them to make some additional moves.

I love Cooper’s game. He's an elite route runner and does all the little things which usually makes coaches happy. Unfortunately, this is a business, and sometimes tough decisions must be made.

I think a team would at least need to pony up a fourth-round pick which is a bit of a stretch, but a team who is desperate may be willing to pay for a low-risk move when it comes to production.

The biggest thing that scares me in a scenario where Cooper gets traded is Berry’s inability to draft wide receivers. We have seen Anthony Schwartz, David Bell, and Cedric Tillman all taken in round three, and have yet to see any dividend from them.