3 Cleveland Browns who could still be traded during the 2024 NFL Draft

The Browns could still look to free up cap space and add more capital
Greg Newsome II, Browns
Greg Newsome II, Browns / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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No. 1: Greg Newsome, Cornerback

The chatter has been around for a while about possibly trading Greg Newsome. The talented cornerback has played well for the Cleveland Browns but is in a tough situation where Denzel Ward and Martin Emerson have outperformed him.

Newsome was vocal last offseason about not wanting to play in the slot, but he seemed to get over that quickly and did perform well in the Jim Schwartz defense. With the injury history Ward has, I love having him around for added depth, but you can see the temptation Berry will have to pull the trigger.

Newsome was a first-round pick in 2021 which means a team would have him for the 2024 season and the right to exercise a fifth-year option to have him for the 2025 season as well. The fifth-year option is fully guaranteed, but he has played well enough that for some teams it would be an easy decision. 

I’m not sure what Newsome would bring in, but if someone were willing to trade a second or early third-round pick for the services of Newsome, Berry would certainly entertain the idea of building back all of the draft assets he traded away.

So even though the Browns don’t have a pick in the first round in 2024, there could be plenty of action and trade activity to watch for.

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