3 Cleveland Browns whose futures are in doubt after the 2024 NFL Draft

These 3 veterans could be in trouble after the Browns draft haul
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With the bulk of free agency and the 2024 NFL draft now behind us, it’s time for the Cleveland Browns to start thinking about training camp. At this point, the roster is mostly set, and we will all now wait in anticipation of the major cutdowns right before the start of the season.

With no first-round pick for the third and final season from the Deshaun Watson trade, Thursday Night of the draft still didn’t mean as much, but it was still exciting to see Andrew Berry work his magic the rest of the draft.

Overall, I was very happy with the Browns draft and left the weekend believing this roster is nearly complete. While some of these picks may not have a major impact on the 2024 season, these three picks could drastically change the 2025 season and beyond for these three current Browns.

Cleveland Browns Future in Jeopardy No. 3 – Siaki Ika, DT

In the past we have seen Berry give his draft picks more than enough time to develop, but with the clock ticking that may change this offseason, especially with his 2023 third-round pick, Siaki Ika

Not only has Berry loaded up at the position in free agency by bringing back Shelby Harris, Quinton Jefferson, and Maurice Hurst, but he also added two players in the draft including Michael Hall Jr. in Round 2. 

Ika was only active in a few games last season, and in the time we saw him on the field it was a real struggle. His impact was supposed to be in the running game, but he was often bullied and lost his leverage quickly to the NFL-caliber guards. 

It will be a tough move to get rid of Ika this early, but unless they want to try and stick him on the practice squad, I don’t see a scenario where he makes the final roster cut, let alone active on Sunday.