3 Cleveland Browns who won’t be missed in 2023

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With sports officially in “summer” mode, meaning mostly MLB games, available to watch anticipation for the Cleveland Browns 2023 season continues to amplify. While the draft is no longer the season's highlight, with no first or second-round picks in 2023, fans are ready for the team to hit the field. 

It’s been a busy offseason for general manager Andrew Berry so far. The Browns haven’t overspent in free agency, but they have made a few great additions and didn’t have to give up a lot in return. Berry really focused on the defense and has improved the unit at all levels including the coordinator with Jim Schwartz. 

Every season we see NFL teams have a lot of turnover. There are some players that will be missed, but here are three the Browns won’t miss. 

Cleveland Browns player not missed No. 3 – Kareem Hunt

There's no doubt this offense has been lucky the last three seasons to have Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb, quite possibly the best duo in the NFL. However, all great things must come to an end.

I know fans want to keep Hunt around, but anymore you can’t pay running backs in the NFL if you want to have a successful roster.  Plus, Hunt had been injured so much over the last two seasons it felt like the duo never even played together. 

Hunt is certainly a good player and will likely get a shot to start somewhere, but this is a classic situation where the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze.

Jerome Ford and Demetric Felton will both get shots to fill the third down back, and Berry will likely take a running back later in the draft.