3 Former Browns we'll be glad are gone, 2 we'll wish stayed

Cleveland Browns v Washington Commanders
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Browns player we wish stayed: Jacoby Brissett

There aren't many players that came to Cleveland for a single season and earned as much respect as Jacoby Brissett did. The former third-round pick signed with the Browns on a one-year deal and had a tough task ahead of him.

Brissett was asked to steer the ship through some shaky waters as the Browns were moving on from the polarizing Baker Mayfield after trading for Deshaun Watson. Brissett was expected to be the starter in 2022 but no one knew for how long — we just knew Watson would be suspended for a lengthy amount of time.

Eventually, Watson and the league settled on an 11-game suspension and that meant Brissett would get 11 starts. Cleveland was 4-7 in those games but his style of play won over fans across the Dawg Pound.

The veteran quarterback had 2,608 yards with a 12-to-6 touchdown-to-interception ratio. He also added 243 yards on the ground and two more touchdowns. What was most impressive, however, was that he turned 28 of his 49 rushing attempts into first downs — and he was the king of the quarterback sneak in 2022.

In fact, Brissett even came in and ran a few first downs after Watson returned.

If that wasn't enough, Brissett also had no issue using his 240-pound frame as a blocker, including in his final start against Tampa Bay when he led Anthony Schwartz to a touchdown run — and the Browns to a win.

Cleveland is now turning to Josh Dobbs as the No. 2 quarterback with Brissett in Washington. He has a chance to start — if he can beat out Sam Howell — so the move made sense for him. But the first time Kevin Stefanski decides to go for it on fourth-and-one, we'll all wish Brissett was still there to move the chains and get the crowd pumped up.