3 former Browns who won’t live up to their new contracts

Free agency doesn't always go as planned

Cleveland Browns, Joe Flacco
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Once again, the Cleveland Browns were active to kick off this offseason. They began with a huge trade for wide receiver Jerry Jeudy, and recently gave him a questionable contract extension. They also re-signed several key defensive players.

However, not everyone stuck around. The Browns did wind up losing a few of their players and others who remain without a home for 2024. Here, we look at three players who have signed elsewhere but won’t be able to live up to their new contracts.

3. Jordan Elliott, DT, San Francisco 49ers: 2 years, $10 million

It was nice to see Jordan Elliott finally break through last season for Cleveland. A third-round pick in 2020, he was able to move into the starting lineup by his third season but he didn’t impress. Elliott especially struggled against the run and when 2023 began, he was the lone starter playing in the Hall of Fame game.

His appearance in the exhibition brought his status on the roster into question. However, when the regular season began, he was in the starting lineup once again. While his numbers didn’t look much different, he was a far superior player to what he showed in previous years.

Elliott was a great fit for Jim Schwartz and turned his performance into a two-year deal worth $10 million. That seems a bit rich for Elliott, even with his improved play in 2023. San Francisco has promoted Nick Sorensen to defensive coordinator and perhaps he can get the best out of Elliott but as of now, he’s underperformed for everyone other than Schwartz.