3 Matchups the Cleveland Browns need to exploit to get their record to 5-3

• The Warden vs Hollywood

• Budda vs the screens

• Keeping the Cardinals out of Tune

Cleveland Browns v Seattle Seahawks
Cleveland Browns v Seattle Seahawks / Jane Gershovich/GettyImages
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After a two-game road trip, the Cleveland Browns get to come back home to take on the Arizona Cardinals in a Week 9 matchup. The Browns enter the contest with a 4-3 record after a gut-wrenching road loss to the Seattle Seahawks. The Cardinals have but one win on the season, and that lone win came back in Week 3.

While the two teams are in different stages of their development, they are both standing on similar ground with neither team knowing who their starting quarterback is going to be this week. It could be Deshaun Watson vs Clayton Thune, P.J. Walker vs Kyler Murray, or the most unlikely scenario Watson vs Murray — although the expectation is that it will be Watson for the Browns.

Regardless of which quarterbacks get the starting nod for their respective teams, this game is going to take place in Cleveland Browns Stadium at 1pm on Sunday either way. For the Browns the gameplan is simple, the defense needs to get back to their stingy ways while the offense continues to find its identity. This is a must-win game for the Browns if they want to keep pace with their AFC North brethren.

3 Matchups that Browns must win to get to their 5th win of the season

Matchup No. 3: Denzel Ward vs Marquise Brown

This will be a fun matchup to watch go down the outside. The Warden welcomes Hollywood to the shores of Lake Erie on Sunday.

The Arizona Cardinals may not know who is playing quarterback against the Browns, but they do know who their No. 1 wide receiver will be…Marquise Brown. The fifth-year wideout can best be described as a speed merchant on the outside.

Brown, known league wide as ‘Hollywood’, is a threat to score no matter where he is on the field due to his freaky speed. While Tyreek Hill may get all the attention and acclaim for being the fast player in the NFL, Hollywood is on the short list of players that belong in that conversation.

Denzel Ward will be tasked with keeping tabs on Hollywood this week. The first cornerback taken in the 2018 NFL Draft vs the first wide receiver taken that year. If the Warden can put Hollywood on lockdown, Arizona could find themselves receiving a restraining order from the end zone.