3 mistakes that doomed the Browns in 2023

The Cleveland Browns fell short in 2023. Find out the three key areas where they struggled and how it impacted them.

Cleveland Browns
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The Cleveland Browns are currently looking ahead as they try and decide their next steps for the 2024 season. They had a lot of positive moments from this past campaign to build on, but they can also learn from the areas where they fell short.

That’s one of the keys to each offseason for a front office. They not only have to figure out what worked and how to repeat any success but also which mistakes need to be corrected. Here, we look at the three main areas where they fell short in 2023 and how it impacted them.

3. Lack of solid option behind Jedrick Wills, Jr.

Cleveland did well in selecting Dawand Jones in the fourth round of the 2023 NFL Draft. The Ohio State product was an excellent option for them at right tackle and filled in nicely for Jack Conklin when he was injured in Week 1. The only issue was that he wasn’t able to play on the left side.

That meant the Browns were banking on Jedrick Wills to not only improve his play but to also stay healthy. Each of those areas was a concern coming into the season and while he did perform at a more consistent level as the year went along, he wound up on the IR.

With him out, Cleveland first turned to James Hudson III who is also a better fit on the right side. Geron Christian was signed late in the year and he was better than expected but the Browns need to get a backup who can handle the blindside duties before the 2024 season kicks off.