3 most overrated Cleveland Browns on the 2023 roster

The Cleveland Browns have a lot of talent on their roster but these three players might be the most overrated heading into the 2023 season
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Cleveland Browns Overrated Player No. 1: Greg Newsome

I know I’ll get a lot of flak for this one, so I’ll start by saying I don’t think that Greg Newsome is a bad player. I do think he is overrated though. 

One thing that jumped out to me was his unwillingness to be a team player.  His comments that he would not play on the interior this year, or he would demand a trade is a total diva move. 

I don’t necessarily love Jalen Ramsey, but he is a guy that does whatever is best for the team.  Newsome acted like it was scolding him to play on the inside, where in fact it would help the team because of Martin Emersons length on the outside. 

Newsome also appears to have a similar injury bug as fellow corner Denzel Ward. In the NFL nowadays, being available is almost as important as the production you can give on the field. I don’t care how good you are, if you can never play it does nothing for the organization. 

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I’m being fairly critical of Newsome and truly don’t understand exactly how serious the “trade demands” were. But I do know where there is smoke, there is usually a fire. I don’t think Newsome has played well enough or long enough to make any threats on trade demands if they moved him to the interior.