Browns: Greg Newsome responds to trade rumors on Twitter

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Things got a little interesting on Tuesday as social media took a rumor and ran with it. Greg Newsome changed agents and that led to speculation that he would be asking for a trade from the Cleveland Browns.

Shortly after that was sent out, Newsome took to social media to say he wasn't planning on going anywhere.

Teammates also came to Newsome's defense stating that he not only loved Cleveland but that he simply wasn't going anywhere — and that a trade was never on the table.

Why did Greg Newsome switch agents?

Newsome never got into the details on why he switched agents but eyebrows were raised when it happened. The main reason is simply the choice he made to hire Drew Rosenhaus. A certified 'super-agent' Rosenhaus is a big name in the sporting world and his arrival has often been bad news for the Browns.

Back in 2019, Duke Johnson hired Rosenhaus and was able to get out of Cleveland, forcing a trade to Houston. There was also a more recent example, which was when David Njoku hired the same agent and had originally requested a trade — before rescinding — in 2020.

Having said that, this switch — and a meeting that followed — were likely due to Newsome's role going forward. The former first-round pick played in the slot quite a bit last season which wasn't his best position. He was also less than thrilled in that role.

After the meeting, it was reported that he was excited to work with Jim Schwartz and chances are this was nothing more than the player and his new defensive coordinator getting on the same page.

Why does Greg Newsome keep popping up as a Browns trade piece?

Oddly enough, this isn't the first time Newsome's name came up as a trade piece. There were rumors he could be flipped for Jerry Jeudy and those too were debunked.

So why does his name keep coming up? Simple — he was unhappy in the slot and Martin Emerson was really good as a rookie. That means some are connecting the dots and believe Emerson can start across from Denzel Ward while Newsome goes elsewhere.

Of course, that idea makes little sense. The presence of one good player does not mean any other good players at that position have to be traded. Especially not at cornerback where injuries have been an issue for years.

Maybe the rumors will stop now or maybe they won't. But don't expect the Browns to make any moves because they wisely seem happy to have several capable defensive backs.

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