3 overhyped players Browns fans need to pump the breaks on

The Cleveland Browns made some great moves but sometimes, a deal that seems too good to be true is, in fact, too good to be true

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
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1. Za'Darius Smith, EDGE

The most surprising move of the offseason was when the Cleveland Browns were able to land Za'Darius Smith in a trade with the Minnesota Vikings. Much like the aforementioned moves, this was one I was incredibly thrilled with. In fact, I believe there's a legitimate shot this is the best pass-rushing duo in the league with Smith and Myles Garrett.

Having said that, I felt the same about Garrett and Jaceveon Clowney. To be fair, that duo worked out beautifully in 2021 — and perhaps, they only need one year from Smith before players such as Isaiah McGuire or Alex Wright are ready for more action.

But in 2022, Clowney wasn't much help at all. Many of us believed he was set for another monster season after recording 9.0 sacks and then re-signing on a one-year deal. That didn't happen as he had just two sacks then got himself sent home to finish the year.

There are also those who suggest the Vikings were willing to move on from Smith due to rumors that he was an issue in the locker room. Those whispers say the only reason the Browns got a "steal" was that they took a player off Minnesota's hands that they were done with.

The good news is, the Browns have had success with taking players off other team's hands for a minimal price. Just last year, they landed Amari Cooper in a trade with Dallas, helping them wipe out some cap space.

Hopefully, the Smith addition is more similar to what Cooper brought to the table than what we saw from Clowney in 2022. Again, I believe that will be the case but recent history suggests we should see it on the field before going too crazy.

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