3 pivotal matchups for the Cleveland Browns in Week 6

• Warden on Lockdown

• Tall test for Wills

• A Clash of the Titans

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Matchup No. 2: Jedrick Wills vs Nick Bosa

This particular matchup has the capability to get out of hand in a hurry. Typically, the 49ers move Nick Bosa from side to side during the duration of a football game, but that's unlikely to be the case against the Browns.

The tape is out, and rookie Dawand Jones has more than adequately handled his business as a pass protector. The path of least resistance is for the 49ers to line up Bosa opposite of Jedrick Wills, and former Browns defensive coordinator and current Niners DC, Steve Wilks knows that.

While Wills possesses the strength and athleticism to slow down a pass rusher of Bosa’s pedigree, he lacks the motor and consistency to not allow the former defensive player of the year from making a significant impact on the game. Although the Browns offensive line has had issues as a whole pass protecting, giving up 42 pressures through four games, Wills is responsible for 19 of those pressures.

This is one of those feet to the fire game for Wills. Anytime that you face one of the league’s premier pass rushers, their impact on the game will only be amplified by the television coverage. They will have graphics at the ready the second Bosa gets home on the quarterback. One can only hope that Wills is not just standing there looking bewildered as it is going down.