3 players the Cleveland Browns can trade during the 2023 NFL Draft

Cleveland Browns v Minnesota Vikings
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Already without a pick in Round 1 of the 2023 NFL Draft due to the Deshaun Watson trade, the Cleveland Browns dropped out of Round 2 as they moved back 32 picks to land Elijah Moore from the New York Jets. Both trades were well worth the talent they brought in and they have proven they can find contributors in Round 3 and beyond.

Even so, they've shown an aggressive streak this offseason and that could continue into the draft. Should general manager Andrew Berry decide to move up for a certain prospect, here are three players he could try and move in a draft-day package.

Cleveland Browns trade piece No. 3: Anthony Schwartz, Wide Receiver

At this point, it's hard to see any scenario where Anthony Schwartz makes the roster for Cleveland in 2023. He was a former third-round pick but hasn't come close to living up to his status.

Drops and injuries have slowed him down thus far and while he's shown off his world-class speed, the Browns appear ready to move on as they've brought in Moore and Marquise Goodwin. But that doesn't mean no team would have interest in Schwartz, if only for the fact that he can run a sub-4.3.

Teams have overpaid for speed in the past, just as Cleveland did with Schwartz. While he alone wouldn't net much in a trade, adding him in could be a sweetener for any deal Berry wanted to try and make. Without having to surrender a pick of their own to add him, another franchise might decide to swap a package of picks that include a guy capable of taking the top off a defense.