3 questionable areas the Cleveland Browns answered during the 2023 NFL Draft

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With only seven total picks in the 2023 NFL Draft, Andrew Berry and the Cleveland Browns had to be extremely calculated with every selection.

While building via free agency is fun for fans, it’s not a long-term strategy that can be successful. Free agency is full of aging players, and you are typically overpaying for players. 

Not only are you getting fresh young talent in the draft, but you are also getting four years of a contract at a discounted rate if they end up being good players. 

While not all issues were solved, these three positions were solidified for the 2023 season after the draft.

Browns answer No. 3: Quarterback

With Berry drafting Dorian Thompson-Robinson in round five of the draft last weekend, it creates a very interesting position for the Cleveland Browns next season. 

Berry re-signed Joshua Dobbs this offseason as the backup and Deshaun Watson is clearly the starter.  With a solid one, two punch already, Thompson-Robinson will likely find himself on the practice squad for most of the season.

New rules since covid allow teams to protect players on the practice squad which make this pick even better. Berry now has established a quarterback room with three players that all have a similar set of abilities. 

All players are athletic and can extend plays, but all prefer to be throw first players. Thompson-Robinson not only had more than 3,000 yards passing in his senior season at UCLA, but he also did that with a completion percentage just below 70 which is extremely impressive. 

Thompson-Robinson was not drafted to become the starter for the Browns, but he is an impressive player and brings great depth if the worst were to happen.