3 reasons Browns can win and 2 reasons they can lose in Week 2

Monday Night is a winnable game for the Cleveland Browns. Here are 5 reasons why they may or may not come out victorious.

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages
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Reason the Cleveland Browns Could Win – Quarterback Play

For the first time in 24 seasons of me being a passionate fan, the Cleveland Browns will clearly have the best quarterback on the field on Monday Night. And I can tell you from experience the team with the best quarterback always seems to have the edge. 

As I mentioned above, I do see Chubb getting a high number of carriers, but Watson will be the biggest factor in why the Browns win. His leadership, athleticism, and accuracy are going to squeak out those one or two first downs that can change the entire outcome of the game.

I’ve already stated that this offensive line scares the crap out of me in pass protection.  We have a rookie right tackle who will make his debut vs. an All-Pro defensive end. But Watson is talented enough that we can overcome these issues. 

Expect Stefanski to utilize the screen game early and often to slow down the pass rush, as well as Watson using his feet to get out of the pocket and extend plays.  As much as I love seeing him use his athleticism, he must be careful not to utilize his legs too much and risk an injury. 

There are still a few quarterbacks in the league who are clearly better than Watson, but it is a great feeling having one of the upper-echelon guys on our team. 

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