3 Reasons Browns David Njoku will excel in 2023

David Njoku has done nothing but improve in his tenure as the Cleveland Browns primary tight end. Here's why 2023 will be his best season yet.

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Deshaun Watson

The final piece to the puzzle is having a legit quarterback throw him the ball. The best quarterback to play with Njoku so far is Baker Mayfield.

While Mayfield will always have a spot in many fans' hearts, he's not Deshaun Watson. The last time Watson was the focal point of a pass-first attack for an entire season, he led the NFL with over 4,800 passing yards and 8.9 yards per attempt.

Even adding last season's six-game season into his overall career, Watson has averaged 22 touchdowns and 3,128 yards per season. He has completed 67 percent of his passes and has an interception rate of 2.1 for his career.

Another stat that Pro Football Reference uses is yards after completion. Watson's average over his five years in the NFL is 12.2. He puts the ball where it needs to be for his guys to make plays. David Njoku has been making plays with much less.

It's time for Stefanski and offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt to put the pedal down. This offense has a Ferrari throwing to Ferrari's finally, so taking advantage of that is paramount. It is time to see some shots down the seam and some back-of-the-end-zone passes. All things that Njoku thrives on.

With an offense built to pass and a quarterback with the talent to be top-five in the NFL, all the stars have aligned for Njoku. All he needs to do is stay on the field and be the player he has been for the last few years. If he can do that, there is no telling how high the bar can go in 2023.

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