3 reasons Browns will win AFC North in 2023, and 2 they won’t

The Cleveland Browns have a shot at winning the AFC North, but it won't be easy. Here are 3 reasons they can do it and 2 reasons they could fall short.
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Why the Browns won't win the AFC North: The North is a beast

As good as the roster is in Cleveland, they have a tough task ahead of them in the AFC North. This division is loaded, evidenced by three teams finishing with a winning record in 2022. The Cincinnati Bengals took the crown with a mark of 12-4 (they had one game canceled when Damar Hamlin was sent to the hospital) and the Baltimore Ravens were in the playoffs as well at 10-7. In third place was the Pittsburgh Steelers who were in the playoff hunt but just missed out at 9-8.

This division was so strong that they finished with a combined 38 wins which was the most in the AFC — and second to the NFC East where the Eagles, Cowboys, Giants, and Commanders combined for 43 wins.

This year, there's no reason to think the North will be any less difficult. Cincinnati not only returns their core starters but they also added Orlando Brown to finally shore up their left tackle position. The Ravens are going to remain tough and they just added Odell Beckham, Jr. and re-signed Lamar Jackson to a multi-year deal.

Pittsburgh remains the Wild Card. Their roster isn't too threatening on paper but they continue to draft well and Mike Tomlin has yet to put up a losing season.

The strength of this division will test the Browns all year long and in the end, it could be too much due to the sheer talent they will face.

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