3 reasons DeAndre Hopkins won’t sign with the Cleveland Browns

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One of the more interesting names that remains a free agent after being released two weeks ago is DeAndre Hopkins. Fans of the Cleveland Browns have instantly tied him to the team because of his former relationship with Deshaun Watson in Houston, but it all appears to just be rumors at this point.

Andrew Berry has continued to stay aggressive as the general manager, and with another disappointing season, his seat could start to get warm from ownership. Is the fear of losing his job enough to make a drastic move like signing Hopkins?  

I know fans want it to happen, but there is a reason we aren’t the ones making the decisions. Here are three reasons why I don’t think Hopkins ends up with the Browns in 2023.

Reason No. 3: Browns have strong depth at the position

If it were June of 2022, I would be all in on the Cleveland Browns finding a way to get Hopkins. At that point, this roster had Amari Cooper and that was about it.

Now a year later we sit with Cooper still as a solid No. 1, Donovan Peoples-Jones who really stepped up last year, and Elijah Moore who was previously a first-round talent in a bad situation in New York

Rookie Cedric Tillman and second-year player, David Bell, also have some excitement around them. Tillman has some injury concerns and Bell lacks elite athleticism, but both had great college careers and still could surprise some people. 

My point is, if you bring in a guy like Hopkins now, you either must trade DPJ or you’re going to have at least one wide receiver extremely upset over not seeing the field or getting touches. Remember, David Njoku is supposed to be an elite tight end who needs to see the ball his way as well.

Right now, there just isn’t room to bring Hopkins in.