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Cleveland Browns Free Agency Target: WR Adam Thielen

The Minnesota Vikings decided to part ways with Pro Bowler Adam Thielen this week, the steady and consistent nine-year veteran wide receiver after the two sides couldn't agree on a redoing of his current deal with the team. The move saves the Vikings a little over $6 million in cap space. He had played his whole career in Minnesota after making the team as an undrafted player in the 2013 season.

For years Thielen was considered one of the Vikings most reliable receivers over his time there. He's racked up 6,682 yards receiving on 534 catches and scored 55 touchdowns. He was named a Pro Bowler twice in both the 2017 and 2018 seasons. In just the last three seasons he's collected 211 catches and 30 touchdowns, so it seems the 32-year-old still has plenty left to help a new team out.

Thielen also knows the Browns current head coach Kevin Stefanski very well as Stefanski was an assistant coach and eventual offensive coordinator of the Vikings before he came to Cleveland in 2020.

A reunion of the two seems like a very good idea. Cleveland is needing a wide receiver to play in the slot and Thielen has done that his whole career. The Browns did draft David Bell out of Purdue a year ago and will likely look to pick up a wide receiver again in the upcoming NFL Draft, but one can't pass on the experience that Thielen has.

Again we don't exactly know what the market price will be for Thielen, but Cleveland would be smart in trying to pick him up. He's had a very consistent career and can be counted on to make the catch.