3 remaining difficult decisions for the Cleveland Browns this offseason

What's Next for the Cleveland Browns? Tough Choices: Za'Darius Smith, RB Draft, and Skill Positions for Deshaun Watson

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Browns difficult decision No. 2: Drafting another RB

It was a tough season for the Cleveland Browns running game. Between the injury to Nick Chubb early in the season and all the injuries on the offensive line, we saw one of the worst rushing seasons since Stefasnki took over. 

There's no doubt that Jerome Ford isn’t Chubb, but it also felt like the offensive line struggled to open holes. I’ll be rooting harder than anyone for Chubb to be back in 2024 a fully healthy, but that was a brutal injury that could be difficult to fully recover from. And it's not his first serious knee injury.

I’m not saying I want the Browns to give up on Chubb, but with Kareem Hunt likely moving on once again, Berry will need to try and find a running back in the draft. I’m not saying to use the second-round pick on the position, but at some point, the Browns need to try and find their next running back who can give Chubb a break or fill in if he isn’t ready to go right away to start the 2024 season.

It would be great to try and find a running back in free agency to help fill the void with a proven veteran, but Berry has shown in the past that he isn’t willing to spend money in free agency at that position. Remember, it took a season-ending injury to Chubb for him to pick up the phone and get Hunt back on the roster.