3 things the Shelby Harris deal tells us about the Cleveland Browns

The signing of Shelby Harris tells fans of the Cleveland Browns these three things.

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Cleveland Browns takeaway No. 1: The time is now

What I love most about the Harris signing for the Cleveland Browns, Berry is showing that the time to win is now. I don’t care if he feels like his job is on the line, or if he finally had an epiphany that this roster was close but still needed some work, I’m just thrilled to see this type of singing. 

I would argue that the Elijah Moore trade this offseason lines up with the same mentality. After giving up so many picks for Deshaun Watson, Berry had consistently hoarded picks to build up his draft capital. Giving up a second-round pick was not easy for Berry. 

Not only does the Harris and Moore pickup show that the time is now, but we also saw an overhaul at the coordinator position this offseason. It may not be a huge thing in the eyes of many, but coaching can’t be overlooked in this league. 

But who knows, maybe this was all a part of the Berry plan all along. The first three years would be all about the draft and letting players develop, and then he would be ready to pounce and finalize this roster for a playoff run.

I know Harris is just a defensive tackle and unless your name is Aaron Donald it’s tough to be a difference maker at that position, but I think this signing significantly improves the Browns roster. 

Week 1 vs. the Bengals can’t come soon enough!

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