4 bold predictions as Cleveland Browns take on Broncos in Week 12

• Okoronkwo keeps making plays

• Njoku hit the Jugs machine

• Garrett adds to his resume

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2. Myles Garrett records an interception

No player has meant more to the Browns success this season than Myles Garrett. In years past, he’s seemed to have issues with the defensive coaching staff and was at times unhappy. That’s not the case in 2023 and he’s not only thriving on the field, but he’s also become a great leader for this team.

Against the Steelers, he recorded his 13th sack of the season and is closing in on his record of 16. He should have also had a safety but the refs decided to gift Pittsburgh with a couple of atrocious spots to start the game. Despite being robbed of that can’t take away the fact that Garrett is the favorite for Defensive Player of the Year.

Even with that being the case, there’s still one thing Garrett has never done — record an interception. This bold prediction is that he does that, similar to what we saw a couple of weeks ago from Maruce Hurst. Against Seattle, the big defensive tackle batted a ball in the air and was able to chase it down and record a pick. This prediction is that Garrett does the same thing.

As was previously stated, Garrett is the favorite to win the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award. That will become even more likely if Cleveland makes the playoffs despite all the injuries they've had not only under center but to Nick Chubb as well. Adding an interception to an already insanely impressive stat line will only help solidify his ranking as the best defender in the league this year.