4 Cleveland Browns who stood out on offense against Washington

Against the Washington Commanders, these four Cleveland Browns stood out on offense

Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns
Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns / Jason Miller/GettyImages
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The second preseason game is in the books as we inch closer to week 1 of the NFL Season. We finally looked at some of the Browns starters on the offensive end of the ball, who showed tremendous promise.

Elijah Moore had a beautiful run out of the backfield, and Deshaun Watson who only had one drive looked sharp in his decision-making process. Along with the young talent continuing to shine as they did in the Hall of Fame game.

Let's check out which four players stood out the most in their game against the Commanders.

4. Elijah Moore, WR

Elijah Moore may not have stood out stat-wise, but when he was on the field during the first drive, you could see the impact he is going to have in this offense. Moore only caught one pass for six yards, but it is his lone rush attempt that is getting Browns fans excited to watch him this season.

On the first offensive drive for the Browns Moore lined up for a play in the backfield, something that was talked about during minicamp.

Moore would get the handoff that he would bounce outside and pick up 18 yards. He may not be top 3 in targets for the Browns this season but he will be getting his fair share of touches. What makes this play stand out so much is defenses will be forced to play the run even when Nick Chubb is on the sideline. With Moore in the backfield, he opens up so many new opportunities for the offense.

He brings a similar feel as Deebo Samuel does to the 49ers offense. That extra trickery and possibilities make it that much more confusing to the opposing defense. This extra element added to the play calling makes his limited play stand out as much as it did.

Moore did have a visit to the blue tent on the sidelines after his lone drive and ended up going to the locker room for his ribs, thankfully x-rays came back negative. Hopefully, this does not become a recurring problem and Moore can continue to stand out for the Browns this season.