4 insane things the Browns could do in the 2024 NFL Draft

Could the Cleveland Browns get crazy during the NFL Draft?
Jer'Zhan Newton
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1. Trade their first-round pick in 2025 for a player they’re high on

We’re all excited about Cleveland finally having a first-round pick in 2025 after spending the past three seasons without one. But what if they suddenly had one this year but not in 2025?

Cleveland could sit still at No. 54 and find some decent talent, especially if one of the starting-caliber offensive tackles is hanging around. They could also throw caution to the wind and trade their top pick in 2025 to move into Round 1 this year.

The Browns have been keeping their eyes on several players who are expected to go in Round 1 including Oregon wide receiver Troy Franklin and Illinois defensive tackle Jer'Zhan "Johnny" Newton. Cleveland even had representatives at Newton’s Pro Day recently.

Trading into Round 1 won’t be as easy as just giving up a pick next season, so the Browns would have to really be all-in on a prospect to make such a leap. The odds remain low they make a trade but again, windows close in a hurry. If they think Newton can be the long-term 3-tech or Franklin paired with Jerry Jeudy is the permanent answer for their receiving corps, maybe they decide to roll the dice.

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