4 players the Cleveland Browns must avoid at all costs in the 2023 NFL Draft

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Browns player to avoid No. 2: Tank Dell, WR, Houston

Just search the name Nathaniel "Tank" Dell and you will see a lot of impressive highlights. The Houston receiver was a big play waiting to happen for the Cougars and finished his career with 3,155 yards on 228 receptions with 32 touchdowns.

He's even been called one of the best route runners in this class, which is why he was often seen running wide-open after juking a cornerback out of his shoes.

But those highlights aren't enough to look past some of the concerns about his viability at the next level.

Dell, for as talented as he is, came into the Scouting Combine at just 5-foot-8 after being listed two inches taller by Houston. He did weigh 165 pounds, a full 10 pounds above his listed weight but the truth is, he probably played closer to that 155 mark.

That was seen in the fact that he ran a 4.49 in the 40-yard dash — which was well below expectations. Then again, adding some mass will do that.

Another reason for concern is his age. Dell had to go the Community College route and will be 24 during his rookie season. General manager Andrew Berry has never been fond of drafting older rookies and wide receivers with a little age on them are notorious for not developing.

Cleveland would be best served looking elsewhere in this draft.