5 Cleveland Browns on the hot seat in playoffs vs. Texans

Which Cleveland Browns are on the hot seat for this weekend's matchup against Houston?

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The Cleveland Browns are back in the playoffs, and they boast one of the best defenses out of all 14 qualifying teams. They also boast one of the hottest offenses in the league, thanks to the revival of veteran journeyman Joe Flacco, who has been absolutely filling up the stat sheet since becoming a Brown.

Although it's nice to make the playoffs and just be included in the postseason in general, there are expectations that get heaped upon you as a franchise when you get to the dance. And that trickles down to greater expectations on individual players and coaches as well.

Which players and coaches are on the hot seat entering this weekend's game against the Texans?

1. Elijah Moore, WR

After all of the offseason hype, what we saw from Elijah Moore in the 2023 regular season was a disappointment at best, and a bust at worst. I'm not willing to call it a "bust" at this point, because Moore still had over 600 receiving yards, but it was tough sledding for him for most of the season.

But we saw in Moore's most recent game against his former team -- the New York Jets -- the type of substantial impact he's capable of making consistently. He caught five passes in that game for 61 yards and a touchdown on six targets.

A lackluster regular season can be forgiven and forgotten with a bonkers performance in the playoffs. Elijah Moore could be a hero for the Browns, but I would say he's on the hot seat because now that the stakes are high, you're going to expect even more out of your top playmakers.