5 emergency QB options if the Browns lose Deshaun Watson to injury in 2023

  • Joshua Dobbs is more than capable
  • Cam Newton is open to being a backup in 2023
  • Teddy Bridgewater can be ready at any given time

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2. Cam Newton, free agent

Could we see the return of Cam Newton in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns in 2023? Apparently, the Browns are on the list of teams he would play for, or Deshaun Watson is among the list of quarterbacks he would be willing to play a "backup" role to.

Cam Newton is obviously a former league MVP whose best days are behind him at this point. He's still adamant that there are not 32 better quarterbacks than him currently playing in the NFL, but it's impossible to know if he's right because he's not currently signed by any NFL team.

Even though Newton's best days are behind him, there are certainly less interesting options out there when it comes to having options on your roster "in case of emergency". Do you want to get to a point where you would need Cam Newton this coming season? Certainly not, but for the Cleveland Browns, it would at least potentially be more interesting and possibly even better than the alternatives currently on the roster.

3. Carson Wentz, free agent

Similar to the situation with Cam Newton, you probably don't want to get to the point this season where your team is being forced to throw Carson Wentz out onto the field to start a significant number of games, but I also think you could do way worse than this, even in 2023.

Wentz was clearly just not a good fit for the Washington Commanders, and with the unfortunate way things ended with the Indianapolis Colts, the last two years have really just left a bad taste in everyone's mouth when it comes to the former second-overall pick out of North Dakota State.

I'm not sure there's a Ryan Tannehill-like resurgence on the horizon for Carson Wentz, but maybe. Tannehill was 31 when he got the chance as a reclamation project with the Tennessee Titans, and he's turned it into a very lucrative second half of his NFL career.

If something happens to Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz is still available, that might not be the worst idea in the world.