5 mistakes the Browns can not afford to make in 2024

These 5 mistakes could be costly if the Cleveland Browns don't avoid them

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3. Allowing all three DTs to leave in free agency

When discussing the linebackers, it was stated that this team has to really take durability into consideration. They've had so many issues in the past with players winding up on the IR and part of the reason is their knack for taking risks. They have done this in the draft as well as free agency, with Maurice Hurst serving as an example of the latter.

Hurst was a highly sought-after prospect in the 2018 NFL Draft. The Michigan product saw his draft stock tumble when a heart condition was discovered during his medical exams. Eventually, he landed with the Oakland Raiders in the fifth round and was a solid player to kick off his career.

Then, injuries started to pile up. Thankfully, none were related to his heart but he still played in just two games in 2021 and none in 2022. That allowed the Browns to sign him on a team-friendly deal and he played 13 games finishing with 22 tackles, 1.5. sacks, and a beautiful interception.

It's true that Andrew Berry needs to be careful with injured players but re-signing Hurst to a short-term deal isn't a bad idea. What would be a bad idea, however, is to let him and their other two pending free agents in the middle of the line walk.

Hurst is scheduled to be joined in free agency by Jordan Elliott and Shelby Harris. Elliot was a third-round pick in 2020 who seemed to be on his way out the door in 2023. Then, Jim Schwartz unlocked his potential and he was an effective starter all year. Harris, a free-agent journeyman, will be 33 years old but proved to be a great addition. He even stepped up his play late in the year when Hurst was sent to the IR.

Ideally, the Browns need to bring back two of these tackles to play alongside Dalvin Tomlinson. Keeping all three would be great as well, especially since there are still concerns surrounding Hurst and his ability to stay on the field.