5 offseason moves to make Browns GM Andrew Berry look like a genius

Andrew Berry has done a great job as the Cleveland Browns general manager and can silence any remaining critics with these 5 moves in the offseason

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3. Re-negotiate Amari Cooper's contract

Amari Cooper deserves a lot of praise for what he's done over the past two seasons. Despite Cleveland struggling to find consistency under center, he's recorded 2,410 yards and 15 touchdowns on 150 catches. He's also the first player in team history to haul in 1,000 receiving yards in consecutive campaigns. Only Ozzie Newsome ever did this more than once but even he didn't do it in back-to-back seasons.

As good as he's been, Cooper has also been struggling to stay healthy. While he hasn't missed a ton of games, he's been slowed at times due to nagging injuries. This past season, he was out in the final two weeks — but likely could have gone in Week 18 if there was something to play for. He returned in the playoffs but was clearly limited by his heel injury.

This doesn't mean he needs to be released but the Browns can't go into 2024 without doing something to help the offense gain some more explosion. That can't happen without creating some cap space and Cooper will be key in this regard.

Currently accounting for $24 million against the cap, the Browns need to find a way to lower that hit. The easiest way will be to extend his deal and work in some void years, which is Berry's specialty. That will end up costing them down the road but it's better to try and keep the stars they do have rather than creating more holes.