5 potential Browns roster cuts that need to be brought to practice squad

Which players need to be brought back to the practice squad if cut by the Cleveland Browns?

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Roster cuts around the league are going to be pouring in now that the NFL preseason is officially over, and the Cleveland Browns will obviously have a lot of interesting names hitting the wire. We already saw them part ways with third-round wide receiver Anthony Schwartz, a move you can follow along with (as well as every Browns move) right here.

Although the primary focus will obviously be the 53-man roster, which players do the Browns need to get back on the practice squad some way, somehow? History will tell us that many of the guys you keep on your practice squad will end up playing throughout the season, so this will undoubtedly be a priority.

As roster moves start coming in through Tuesday's deadline, which players do the Cleveland Browns need to make sure they get back on the practice squad, at the very least?

5 players the Cleveland Browns need to get on the practice squad if cut

1. Lonnie Phelps, defensive end

Between his pass-rush abilities and special teams flashes, Lonnie Phelps is a player who certainly deserves to develop on the practice squad and could be one of the first guys the Browns would call up at some point this season.

Phelps doesn't have ideal size, which is part of the reason he was an undrafted free agent after becoming an All-Big 12 player at Kansas, but he has solid athleticism and he plays with tremendous effort and intensity.

There may have been other teams around the league that loved Phelps enough in the pre-draft process to give him a 53-man roster spot after what he showed with the Browns in a crowded room at DE this preseason. We can only hope at this point that he makes it back to the practice squad if the Browns cut him.