5 of the worst Cleveland Browns draft busts since 2016

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Cleveland Browns busted draft pick No. 4 – Anthony Schwartz

As of right now, Anthony Schwartz is a member of the Cleveland Browns, but I’m not sure Berry will be able to justify it much longer after adding two wide receivers this offseason

When the Browns were on the clock for pick No. 91 of the 2021 draft, everyone was shocked to hear Schwartz's name. He was all speed with no hands and a limited route tree.

Truthfully, it’s tough to act shocked that it didn’t work out. Name the last guy that struggled to catch the ball and run elite routes in college that wholly transformed in the NFL. 

What’s worse is the Browns struggle to even use him in gadget plays and sets because he is so limited.  In two seasons Schwartz has under 200 yards receiving and one lone touchdown which is not nearly enough production for a third-round pick. 

Cleveland Browns busted draft pick No. 3 – Austin Corbett

This pick is going to be a little different than the other four you’ll read about. When I call Austin Corbett a bust, this one is on the organization.  In two seasons with the team after being the first pick of the second round of the 2018 draft, Corbett started only one game.

The Browns then trade Corbett to the Rams where he started 40 of 41 possible games and won a Super Bowl. He then went on to Carolina in 2022 where he started all 17 games at guard and was one of the brighter parts of an ugly season for the Panthers.

While everyone believes this Browns offensive line is elite, I still struggle to see the production on the field. Even though Corbett would be out of his rookie deal, the Browns could have utilized him instead of signing Wyatt Teller to a massive extension who has disappointed ever since.