Adele is a Browns fan because....why wouldn't she be?

Adele said she supports the Cleveland Browns, even if it sounds like she's not a big sports buff

American Express Presents BST Hyde Park: Adele
American Express Presents BST Hyde Park: Adele / Gareth Cattermole/GettyImages

There's something fun about seeing celebrities support your favorite sports franchise but there's no way Cleveland Browns fans saw this celebrity coming out and saying they're down with the orange and brown.

While at a concert recently, superstar singer Adele decided to let everyone know she supports the Cleveland Browns due to the fact that her partner is a fan. She then added that she's from England, so it's not as if she fully understands the sport.

“I have to support the Cleveland Browns because my partner is from Cleveland. Well why would I support anyway? I’m from [expletive] England. So my partner, he’s a sports agent… I really don’t understand it.”

Adele's partner is none other than Rich Paul who is actually LeBron James' best friend and agent. So Paul, who went to high school with James in Akron, is clearly still a Browns fan and not only supports them but also converted Adele.

That seems easier to understand than LeBron's allegiance since he has said before that he was a Cleveland fan, only to then say he was a Cowboys fan. But then he got mad at Dallas owner Jerry Jones who is probably the easiest person to get annoyed with, and stated he's again a Browns fan. What we do know for sure is, that he does approve of the Browns alternate white helmet, which is a thing of beauty.

But back to Adele — while it's true the singer is "one of us" as stated by the Browns social media, there is no word yet on whether or not she "gets us."

Typically this occurs when someone makes a statement about being a blue-collar worker, shows hatred for Michigan, wears a "Pittsburgh Started it" shirt, or is seen shotgunning a beer on the Cleveland Guardians jumbotron. As soon as Adele takes one of these plunges, we'll know more about her standing.

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