AFC North Quarterback Power Rankings: Deshaun Watson gives Browns a fighting chance

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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AFC North Quarterback power ranking No. 3 – Tyler Huntley, Baltimore Ravens

I get it, there is still a good chance that Lamar Jackson is the starting quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens in 2023, but either way, I have the Ravens with the third-best quarterback in the AFC North next year.

Yes, Jackson is still a superior athlete to Tyler Huntley, but I’m not sold there was a huge drop-off once Jackson got hurt last year. And with a full offseason to prepare I am starting to understand why the Ravens aren’t willing to back the truck up to Jackson for a long-term deal

Baltimore continues to be a strange team. They don’t want to pay Jackson, yet they gave up first-round picks for Roquan Smith and recently signed Odell Beckham to a deal worth up to $18 million. It’s not that they are trying to rebuild, but there are some question marks on where they have decided to add talent. 

Huntley was 2-2 as a starter in 2022, but he certainly had some electric plays and went against some stiff competition. He isn’t a guy that will consistently light you up for 400 yards plus of passing in a game, but he knows how to win.  

Right now, Huntley’s athleticism gives him an edge over Pickett. If the season starts this way, I would say there is a decent gap between No. 3 and No. 2 on this list, but if Jackson is back that gap certainly narrows.