Andrew Berry thinks Myles Garrett can be even better in new system

Myles Garrett has 32 sacks over the past two seasons but Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry believes he can be even better under Jim Schwartz

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When the Cleveland Browns moved on from Joe Woods this offseason, they knew what they wanted in their next defensive coordinator — a proven play-caller that could get the most out of Myles Garrett.

That's exactly what they landed when they signed Jim Schwartz, a veteran coach known for his aggressive Wide-9 defense that can get after the quarterback.

It's been hard to find anyone who thinks the hire wasn't a great decision and most feel it will lead to even more success for Garrett. The current franchise leader in sacks has recorded 16 in each of the past two seasons but there's a belief he can get even better with Schwartz.

Mina Kimes of ESPN recently made such a statement and now Cleveland general manager Andrew Berry is discussing how well the two fit together.

“We think we have one of the best -- the best pass rusher in the league with him,” Berry said via Dan Labbe of, “and this is a tailor made, kind of match made in heaven.”

Cleveland is on the heels of a 7-10 season and plays in one of the toughest divisions in the entire NFL. They'll need superstars such as Garrett to unlock a new level if they want to make a run and Schwartz feels like the one to help him do that.

Jim Schwartz has a track record of success

In addition to helping players find individual success, Jim Schwartz has been excellent when it comes to team defense. He was calling plays when guys such as Albert Haynesworth, Ndamukong Suh, Marcell Dareus, and Fletcher Cox all became All-Pros. He also coached the Buffalo Bills defense in 2014 and they led the NFL with 54 sacks.

But what was most impressive was the longevity he had with the Philadelphia Eagles. According to the Browns official team website, Schwartz spent five seasons with the Eagles and only six franchises had more sacks in that timeframe than Philly did. They even won a Super Bowl in 2017 thanks in large part to their attacking defense.

Cleveland hopes he will bring similar success to their franchise while also helping Garrett assert himself as the best pass rusher in the league.

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