Browns CB Martin Emerson aims for top of the food chain

Martin Emerson, Jr. aims to be a rare talent for the Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns, Martin Emerson Jr.
Cleveland Browns, Martin Emerson Jr. / Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports


The Cleveland Browns first selection in the 2022 NFL Draft didn't take place until pick No. 68 in Round 3 but it was worth the wait. That's where they landed Mississippi State cornerback Martin Emerson, Jr.

As a rookie, Emerson showed off his potential by taking on any wide receiver he was asked to cover. He held his own each time out and seemed to be a fraction of a second away from making several big plays. In year two, those plays started to happen.

Emerson finished with a team-high four interceptions and broke up 14 passes — which tied for the lead. When all was said and done, he felt like a Pro Bowl snub but that won't remain the case if he keeps improving. And that's the goal for him as he stated he wants to be at the top of the food chain.

While ending a recent media session, Emerson showed off a chain with an eagle pendant. He went into detail on what that meant to him.

"The top of the food chain is the eagle, and only eagles fly with certain eagles," Emerson said via Kelsey Russo of "So, I just look at myself as an eagle."

Emerson added that his high school, Pine Forest High in Pensacola, was known as the Eagles. That's where he used to dream of being a star on the offensive side of the ball before his coach, Jason McDonald, moved him to cornerback. To this day, Emerson credits the coach for seeing the potential he had to shine in his current role.

With his former coach already proven correct, Emerson now aims to prove the Browns knew what they were doing when they drafted him. Already a stout defensive back, he spent much of the offseason learning all he could from the veteran of the group, Denzel Ward.

Time will tell how much it all pays off but Emerson stood out during minicamp drills and could be on his way to another fantastic season.

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