Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski bravely revealed the dumbest play he ever called

Cleveland Browns v Washington Commanders
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Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski admits what fans knew all along — he calls dumb plays. In a recent interview, he detailed the "dumbest" play he ever called.

Going to Cleveland Browns games is a way I bond with my oldest son. Last year, we went to the Monday night Halloween game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Like most men, we conversed over strategy, clock management, and, of course, play calling. Sometime between our second and third beers, I witnessed a sight unimaginable. To my horror, I witnessed the dumbest play I have ever seen run in an NFL football game.

Today head coach Kevin Stefanski admitted that play was the "dumbest" play he ever called. During an interview on the Pardon My Take Podcast, Stefanski detailed the play and exactly how it tragically ended. Stefanski admitted, "I wanted to boo myself".

On that night, Stefanski called an end around reverse that was designed to have wide receiver Amari Cooper throw a pass to another wide receiver running a deep route. This a staple trick play in the Stefanski playbook. But this time the Bengals had it sniffed out resulting in bad interception.

At that point in the game, neither team was asserting itself. The Browns were just beginning to show signs of life, but then this disaster of a play, aptly named "Michael Myers" in honor of Halloween, ensured the Browns momentum died on the spot.

"I wanted to boo myself. I probably should have known, we try to give those trick plays names. We called it Michael Meyers from Halloween. Maybe don't make plays from serial killers. That was a lesson learned."

Browns HC Kevin Stefanski

Fortunately for the Browns, and our trip to Cleveland, they were able to rally and defeat the Bengals that Monday night. But, oh, the horror!

Stefanski had a lot more to say on the podcast. He was asked about the ridiculous 20 carries-a-game stat. The stat showed that in games in which running back Nick Chubb carried the ball 20 or more times, the Browns were undefeated. Which begged the question, why not give the ball to Chubb, whose carries may be reduced next season, 20-plus times to start the game? Stefanski's response was pure interview gold.

"We should start the game with 24 straight Nick [Chubb] rushes. See what happens. We may be down by a couple of scores."

Browns HC Kevin Stefanski

It is good to see Stefanski admit his mistakes and have fun with the criticism that comes his way. Browns fans should be worried if he were not able to take a light-hearted approach. He admits and learns from his mistakes.

What more can a fan base ask? Except for him to make good on those 24 Nick Chubb runs to start the game.

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