Browns insider suggests Browns, Nick Chubb should work on an extension

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
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It's probably safe to say Nick Chubb is the most universally loved player the Cleveland Browns have on their roster right now.

There's nothing bad you can say about the guy. He doesn't cause problems, he works hard, and he puts up insane numbers — already climbing to fourth all-time on the Browns rushing leaderboard. As if that wasn't enough, he also has his own cereal with such a basic name that it's brilliant.

But if there is any question at all about Chubb, it's what will happen when his contract expires after the 2024 season. Well, Tony Grossi — who might be as universally loathed as Chubb is loved — says the two sides should consider an extension. He added that it would be best for both parties, even if Chubb doesn't make it through the entire deal.

Grossi suggests the Browns give Chubb more guaranteed money but be honest that there could be an out for them. That's not a terrible idea since it would reward the player for what they do now, but gives the team some leeway if Chubb declines — as we've seen with Ezekiel Elliott, Dalvin Cook, etc.

Why an extenstion works for Nick Chubb and the Browns

There's a school of thought that running backs shouldn't be paid in the NFL. It seems teams that win Super Bowls typically have a younger back on a cheap contract while those who dish out second contracts to running backs wind up regretting it.

Having said that, Cleveland general manager Andrew Berry has already shown he understands how to work around this. He extended Chubb in 2021, adding three years and $36.6 million to his deal. He also made sure the guaranteed money was due in the first two seasons, allowing them an out if needed.

Chubb, however, has continued to put up elite numbers so there's no indication he will be going the way of his fellow veteran backs. And if he does perform well again in 2023, there's no reason to think they don't do as Grossi stated and work out a new contract — as long as they follow the same formula.

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Doing so would again allow them to spread out some money on their books while also rewarding Chubb in the short term.