Browns: Juan Thornhill is leading with his fastball in Cleveland

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The Cleveland Browns have added a ton of new talent to their roster this offseason. It's always interesting to see how incoming players adjust to their new surroundings. One new addition, free safety Juan Thornhill, has hit the ground running in Cleveland.

From the moment Thornhill signed with the Browns he has made himself a part of the Browns’ Twitter scene. While being hyperactive on social media could go either way in the long run, Thornhill appears to have a pretty good grasp on the pulse of the Browns’ online community.

On Tuesday Thornhill took the next step in endearing himself to Browns fans. The Cleveland Guardians brought out Thornhill to throw the opening pitch against the Chicago White Sox.

The Browns social media team caught up with Thornhill earlier during Tuesday’s OTA’s and asked him if he was going to go with a knuckleball. Thornhill responded, “it’s going to be a heater, right down the middle. Right down the middle. Strike. I’m throw it like 97 miles per hour, something like that”.

While Thornhill made the remarks with a sly grin, it was obvious that he looked excited for the moment to come. Then, later Tuesday afternoon, Thornhill took to the mound rocking a personalized number one Guardians Jersey and let it rip.

No official word yet on the mph of the pitch, but it definitely looked like he was enjoying himself.

In the grand scheme of things, the ‘he gets us’ meter should be one of the last things that a fan worries about. However, if Thornhill is able to perform on Sunday’s this fall, that same ‘he gets us’ meter could move quite a few fans to fill Cleveland Browns Stadium with number one jerseys of their own.

Thornhill appears to understand the task at hand and looks as if he is positioning himself to be a vocal leader on the defensive side of the ball. He came from a winning culture in Kansas City and from the way he carries himself, Thornhill expects those winning ways to follow him in Cleveland as well.

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Regardless of where you stand on how the team will fare this upcoming season, one thing can not be debated, Juan Thornhill is all in on Cleveland.