Browns living rent free as T.J. Watt continues to complain that Myles Garrett won DPOY

T.J. Watt says he's not complaining but continues to complain that Browns DE Myles Garrett won the Defensive Player of the Year award

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Maybe T.J. Watt has never been told 'no' before in his life because he's struggling with not getting his way right now. The Pittsburgh Steelers pass rusher has come across as entitled this offseason with non-stop complaints about Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett winning the 2023 NFL Defensive Player of the Year award.

Watt, who has been showered with accolades since entering the NFL, hasn't taken the loss well at all. The 2021 NFL Defensive Player of the Year probably thought since he won the award once, he would continue to win it — which is what happened with his brother, J.J. Watt who won the award three times during his career.

That hasn't happened yet for the younger Watt, who has now gone two years straight without the hardware. Of course, since he missed seven games in 2022, he understood not having a trophy bestowed upon him. But this year, he led the league in sacks so he believes the title should be his.

Having said all that, he's not complaining. Or whining. At least not according to him. Watt, who stayed home and boycotted the award show said as much while on the Pardon My Take podcast. He then continued to complain about being passed over.

“I don't have a problem with any players," Watt explained. Everybody's phenomenal. Myles, Micah [Parsons], they're great players, don't get me wrong. It's just that the voting, I want more clarity on how it all comes about. I don’t want any of it to come across as whining or complaining it’s just the matter of fact. You work so hard and when you’re not able to come away from a season with a Super Bowl you like to fall back on something.”

Browns living rent free in Watt's head due to Myles Garrett being the superior player

Watt can say all he wants that he doesn't want to come across as whining, but that's how it sounds. After staying home and even sending out a cryptic tweet looking for sympathy. Watt said "Nothing I'm not used to" which is comical coming from a family with three players in the NFL. Watt is acting as if he's being discounted when he's part of football royalty and has constantly been given extra attention because of this.

The real issue for Watt could very well be the fact that Garrett is the better player and people are starting to notice this finally. That has to be hard for him to take since the Steelers are used to looking down on the Browns — and used to having the media do the same — but that's not as easy for them to do anymore. And as far as the Watt vs. Garrett debate, those who play the game have said Garrett is the superior player.

Now the voters, who have been making a huge deal about the Watt family for nearly two decades, suddenly agree. As he said, when they can't win it all, he likes to fall back on people telling him he's great and now, Garrett has taken that from him.

Watt can continue to complain all he wants but Garrett was the better player all year and deserved the award. Opposing teams had to alter their entire game plan around No. 95 and even with a revolving door at quarterback, Cleveland won 11 games thanks in large part to a defense — led by Garrett. At this point, Watt is only hurting his own image by rehashing this non-debatable topic.

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