Browns load up on stars in 3-round 2025 NFL mock draft

The Cleveland Browns bolster both the offense and defense in this 3-round 2025 mock draft
Ohio State Buckeyes Emeka Egbuka
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Round 2: Jahdae Barron, CB, Texas

Andrew Berry can deny it all he wants but there's hardly ever smoke without any fire.

During the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, there were reports the Browns were shopping a top cornerback and the dots were connected to Greg Newsome II. The 2021 first-round pick has been a solid contributor for Cleveland and has excelled in his slot position under Jim Schwartz.

The problem is that the cupboard is slammed full. Denzel Ward is already being paid a premium deal and the Browns are going to have to decide on Martin Emerson soon — and it's not outlandish to believe he can be their top cornerback in another year or two. They also liked what they saw in Cam Mitchell, Newsome's teammate from Northwestern.

That's why Berry was likely seeing if there was any interest in Newsome before deciding to pick up the fifth-year option in his rookie deal. In the end, the Browns did that and Newsome is under contract for $13.77 million in 2025. That's not too much for Newsome but if they decide to extend Emerson, a trade could be revisited.

If so, Cleveland needs to replace Newsome, which is where Jahdae Barron comes in. The 5-foot-11, 194-pound senior has spent much of his career in the slot and can challenge Mitchell for the job right away. And even if the Browns don't want to trade Newsome, there's no such thing as too many corners and having Barron would keep them from feeling pressured to overpay any veteran on the roster.