Browns Myles Garrett really isn't the leader we'd imagined he would become

Myles Garrett is an exceptional talent but is he really the leader of the Cleveland Browns defense?
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Myles Garrett, the Cleveland Browns All-Pro defensive end, will now be entering season seven with the franchise. It doesn't seem like it's been that long since he was drafted back in 2017 as the No. 1 draft pick.

At the time of his selection, the former Texas A&M player was considered an excellent choice by the Browns. But in terms of what type of leader Garrett was going to make that was still not known.

Since then, we've learned that Garrett hasn't really shown he enjoys the spotlight. Coming out of college he was considered a intellectual and more of an introvert. He studied philosophy and liked to write. He's even currently writing a children's book on dinosaurs.

Some analysts, back when he was drafted, questioned Garrett's desire to play the game of football because of his demeanor. Garrett often speaks of life after the game and doesn't come across as that "football is everything" type of player.

To Garrett's credit, he has lasted in Cleveland for six seasons and managed to maneuver through multiple coaching staffs. That takes a certain type of personality type to manage and because of these other skill sets, Garrett is still standing.

Having to be the "face of the defense" can be complicated when you are naturally an introvert.

When the whole helmet-throwing incident occurred in 2019, when Garrett attempted to knock out Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph, that drew a lot of attention because until then, the former No. 1 draft pick let his play on the football field do the talking.

Since that moment, the spotlight has been shown even more on the relatively quiet Garrett. He has spoken on several issues with the team since then that have included coaching decisions and team morale. While what he has to say matters, the weight of his words doesn't seem to always transition to the field of play for him or his teammates in terms of wins or losses.

Some will argue that Garrett's presence on this team should account for more success than they've actually seen. Others will continue to excuse moments where he hasn't been able to do more for the team, often saying that it's because he's double and triple-teamed all the time.

With a new season ahead, Garrett will have a few new faces to team up with including All-Pro defensive end Za'Darius Smith and Ogbo Okoronkwo. Both should help the defense and hopefully reduce the strain that Garrett has faced over the years.

However, don't expect Garrett to become a new type of player and a more vocal leader. He'll do what he can and what he's done so far has been pretty great. But those impressive statistics don't always mean victories for his team.

This isn't to say Garrett is bad for the Browns. Without him, who knows where the team would be at this point? However, because he hasn't taken the vocal leadership role over, some who follow the team will never be happy with him.

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I'd imagine it's got to be tough on a more introverted person like Garrett to always be in the spotlight but we shouldn't expect anything to really change with him even if we the fans want more.