Browns new OC Ken Dorsey has done wonders with former quarterbacks

Ken Dorsey joins the Cleveland Browns coaching staff and will have a specific role

Ken Dorsey, Browns
Ken Dorsey, Browns / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

It might not have ended well with the Buffalo Bills but Ken Dorsey has had a lot of success when working with NFL quarterbacks. That's likely the reason he wound up being the Cleveland Browns selection to replace Alex Van Pelt.

After spending the past four seasons with Cleveland, Van Pelt was dismissed in a flurry of coaching moves. He left with no will ill and the Browns set out to find someone they believed could help get Deshaun Watson back on track.

Dorsey ended up being the choice after they kicked the tires on Brian Johnson, Jerrod Johnson, and Kellen Moore — who signed with the Philadelphia Eagles on Saturday. Even with all the names coming through, it always seemed as though Dorsey was the one they had their sights set on.

Dorsey was with the Buffalo Bills from 2019 until Nov. of 2023. He was promoted to offensive coordinator in 2022 but found himself being let go due in large part to a flurry of interceptions from Josh Allen. That was his first crack as an OC and before that, he served as a quarterback coach in Buffalo as well as with the Carolina Panthers.

Ken Dorsey has an impressive track record with QBs

Signed to Carolina in 2013, Dorsey was instrumental in helping Cam Newton turn into one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. By their third season together, Newton won the NFL MVP award as they went 15-1 and made it to the Super Bowl.

In Cleveland, Dorsey's role will likely be similar to what it was in Carolina as well as his early days in Buffalo. Kevin Stefanski should remain the play-caller meaning Dorsey's focus will be on helpind Deshaun Watson get his game back on track.

There's reason to believe that could happen since Dorsey was also the coach who helped Josh Allen transform from an inaccurate gun-slinger to a legit MVP candidate. He's more than just a quarterback guru as our own Mac Blank pointed out when he said Dorsey led the Bills to the No. 2 ranking in points, yards, and passing touchdowns in 2022. In the end, he was a scapegoat when the offense had 18 turnovers — 14 of which came from Allen.

Dorsey is already part of Cleveland Browns history — sort of

As an added bonus, Dorsey is already somewhat famous in Cleveland. Or maybe, infamous is the better word. A seventh-round pick from Miami, he started his career with the San Francisco 49ers and then spent three years with the Browns from 2006 through 2008.

During the 2008 campaign, Dorsey made three starts. They weren't starts to remember since the team was 0-3 and he finished his career in Cleveland with zero touchdowns and seven picks. But still, his memory lives on thanks to the infamous jersey with the names of all the quarterbacks who have played for the Browns since 1999. Let's hope we don't see the press conference start with that topic.

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